Weight loss Journey

Weightloss journey update

So, how is the weightloss journey going?? Good question, my last post about it is from March 2017, you can read it here.
A few things have happened since then. Despite the great way of working of Weight Watchers I couldn’t keep myself on the weightloss wagon. I felt off, getting back to my old habits of eating what’s is easy and fast to prepare, not thinking ahead and letting myself go. I have kept training for a while, running and doing Cross fit which helped me keep the weight I had lost off. I kept sufforing from a lack of energy and my belly was not my best friend. As I discussed it with my trainer he advised me to take a vitality check, It cheks everything what´s going in your body and I was amazed by the results. Without disussing beforehand about how I felt and what complains i had, he could already tellabout my aches and difficulties.
My biggest troubles come from my gut! I was advised to take some more tests, mostly to see if i was intolerant to certain kind of food. Again I was amazed by the results. It seems that I am intelorant to dairy containing Lactose and to wheat. I had to soak all these information in and give it a place. It was kind of a bom for me, because I loooooove bread and cheese and suddendly I heard it was not so good for me….My trainer works with a team of specialist in his LIfestyle Practice and sent me to his colleague nutritionist.
My first meeting with her was in September and it went well for weeks but then I felt at home and hurt my ankle. I couldn’t running anymore and the holiday came in as well. I let loose on my diet. I gain a few pounds back but the most aching was that the symptoms came back: stomac ache, fatigue etc… So it’s clear for me that my body really doesn’t like wheat nor lactose!
We are now in a new year and as many of us I like to make new resolutions, new year is for me a new chance on making things right.
My plan is to  prepare my meals in advance with a mealplanning according to my wheat- and lactose free diet and to work out at least twice a week. I will work on my emotionals bagages around eating with my nutrionist. I have good faith this will lead to a change of lifestyle and weightloss.
This year I want to focus on my health which will resultt in weightloss I’m sure. I want to use this blog as a diary to motivate me and keep track of what works and what doesn’t. And maybe along the way I may inspire other to take better care of themself and encouragement..
Let’s make 2018 a year to shine!


Miss Frenchy

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