Bye Bye 2016

Dear Frenchies,

2016 has almost come to his end. Every blogger or even person is reflecting on his/her year, making up the balance of it. And so am I too.

I’ve just realize that I didn’t write a review post over 2015 and I have split my goals for 2016 in only weightloss and blog. Looking back on those posts I could just feel ashamed as I did not do anything of it!!  So bye bye 2016! Let’s set a stripe on it!

I have to admit 2016 has not been what I thought and hoped for. I have (very) high expectations for myself but also a quiet destructive will to prove different (does that make any sense??) I would love to say that my life was wonderful and even with a few bumps it was great. But it’s not like that. As i can not say it’s all bad (because it’s absolutely not bad) I couldn’t make it happen. I guess I am still looking to find my place and my balance as a mom, a wife and a woman. As I go through the pictures I took this past year I see luckily a lot a great moments, actually a lot about my son but also about what I have been able to do with friends and family.

2016 has also learnt me a lot about myself and relationships and it gives me the hope the coming year might be the start of what i want to make in my life. Of course I have a big list of goals for 2017!!

So here to closure! I hope you can look back on a full year as well and that 2017 brings you the hope of a new begining!


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